2015 - present

Triple Candie is nomadic, based out of a two-story rowhouse on Capitol Hill, in SE Washington, D.C.

2011 - 2015

Triple Candie is nomadic, based out of a two-story rowhouse in Center City Philadelphia but realizing projects exclusively outside of the city -- Brussels, Detroit, Paris, Salt Lake City. Additional, the organization curates the contents of an outdoor vitrine in a suburban alley in an undisclosed city.

2008 - 2010

Triple Candie is located in a storefront on a residential blockt at 500 West 148th Street, between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenues. The gallery is within 5 blocks of the Hispanic Society, the American Academy of Arts & Letters, Dance Theater of Harlem, and 8 blocks from City College. Demographically, the block had been historically African American, though following 9/11, the new residents are increasingly of Domenican and Mexican descent. However, our landlord is from India; our super from Belize; and the guys who ran the bodega next door are from Yemen.

2001- 2008

Triple Candie opens in a ground-floor warehouse space in a former brewery at 461 West 126th Street. The gallery is in walking distance of the Studio Museum of Art, the Project (an art gallery run by Christian Haye that has already launched the careers of Julie Mehretu, Paul Pfeiffer, and many others), and Columbia University's MFA Program studios. The immediate neighborhood belongs to neither Central nor West Harlem. The block consists of abandoned warehouses, car repair shops, and a handful of city-subsidized apartment buildings. La Granja, a live poultry market, is directly across the street. Demographically speaking, the warehouse is situated in a void. Two blocks east is Central Harlem, which is, at the time, over 90% African and African American. To blocks to the west and north is West Harlem, which is primarily Domenican. Two blocks south is Columbia University.


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