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Johnson, Ken. "The Anonymous Artist Project II." The New York Times. August 12, 2005.

Main Space

Anonymous Artist Project II (July 17 - August 14, 2005)

This project was realized by a New York artist who will remain anonymous in perpetuity. The works' aesthetics differed considerably from that of her/his other work. Everything was destroyed at the show's end.

The exhibition consisted of the following elements:

+ An altered "Triple Candy" sign that used to hang in the gallery's entry vestibule. The sign was altered with yellow and red tape to read: "I / And" followed by "Soda - Chips - Candie"

+ A sequence of garden-fence-plots surrounding the base of the gallery's columns, many of them filled with dirt and litter

+ A text made of fabric scraps hanging on the wall that read "Wouldn't you have thought by now things would be different between us"

+ A painting-like wall object made from scap wood, cinderblocks, and old fabric

+ Sneakers wrapped in colored tape suspended from ropes overhead

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