Triple Candie is a place-based, research-oriented gallery that produces exhibitions about art but largely devoid of it. A typical exhibition consists of reproductions, surrogates, models, stage-sets, or common objects, displayed using a combination of rhetorical devices borrowed from art & anthropology museums (e.g. wall-labels or educational wall-texts), flea markets (tables, glass-topped cases), or community art galleries (free-standing wall-panels). When a show is de-installed, the materials are recycled for future use or discarded.

Given their ephemeral nature, frequent use of historical subjects, and lack of any obvious artist-agent, Triple Candie's exhibitions have been referred to as "curatorial performances". Journalism, however, not theater, seems to be a greater influence, at least recently; issues of reproduction, permission, misrepresentation, anonymous sourcing, and narrative construction are all fundamental to Triple Candie shows.

Many of Triple Candie's exhibitions would be difficult - if not impossible - to show in any other context, be it a museum, small nonprofit, or commercial gallery. First, there is the obvious issue of the lack of "original" artworks. Second, the shows are generally, though not exclusively, realized without the involvement of artists. Third, because the shows are often "critical" of their subjects, they are sometimes interpretated as being disrespectful of artists or other arts institutions. Finally, nearly all of Triple Candie's shows are site-specific - they are conceived to be seen and understood in relationship to their context: an "art gallery" in Harlem.

In addition to its ongoing exhibition programming, Triple Candie maintains a permanent collection of more than 1,200 high-quality art reproductions (El museo de reproducciones fotograficas) that it makes available for short-term loans, and maintains a living archive on the art & life of artist-curator-writer Matthew Higgs.

Triple Candie does not view itself as an artist- or curatorial-collective.


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