655 Pennsylvania Avenue SE

Riddle No. 3
February 13 – March 13, 2022

This is the third exhibition in a series of curatorial riddles.

On view are, from left to right:

An altered Baroque-style mantel clock

A photograph of a collage exhibited in the exhibition "James Lee Byars: I Cancel My Works at Death"A at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit in 2014

A hand-sewn wall-hanging that was exhibited first in "Calais Guild Prayer Blankets," at Triple Candie in Harlem in 2010, then altered an exhibited in "Being Present: Revisiting, Somewhat Unfaithfully, Portland's Most Experimental Art Experiment, PCVA," at the Portland Art Museum in Oregon in 2018, then altered again

A painting by Baltimore-base artist Marisa Laguardia dated 2013/2016

A ceramic object covered in colored feathers

An oblong, hand-sewn fabric object that was exhibited in "Throwing Up Bunnies: The Irreverent Interlopings of Triple Candie" at the Addison Gallery of American Art" in 2017

A glass Cheerwine soda bottle augmented with pink boas

A pencil drawing of a dog wearing a necklace by Virginia Warren, salvaged from curbside trash

A painting from the late 1990s by Houston-based artist David Kelly



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